Welcome.  I am overwhelmed by the reception to my new book.  This website will allow you to find out more about the book, about my work and background, and about how to order the book or give feedback. “Telling Stories A Grand Unifying Theory of Acting Techniques” is a guidebook that clearly describes the origins of actor training and takes readers inside the techniques that allow an actor to fully inhabit a character. It is an essential resource for students, professionals, and teachers of acting as well as a primer for those looking to understand the evolution of modern acting theory. Basically, I set out to write the book I had always wished was available when I was a young actor. But I also wanted to make it relevant to actors at any stage in their careers and to teachers and theater enthusiasts as well.

It reveals the influence and importance of some of theater’s seminal figures by placing acting techniques into an overall perspective.  In addition to detailing the history and the context of acting theories, the book provides numerous exercises that illustrate and supply a physical understanding of each method and approaches to texts from Shakespeare to developing scripts. When I started teaching, it quickly became clear that just explaining or discussing the uniqueness of each approach wasn’t enough. In order to really understand how the techniques work, actors need to experience them in their bodies. The book is nothing if not practical. It also discusses techniques of dramatic structure and shows the interrelation between the differing modes of playwriting and the demands on the actor. It is an essential addition to any theatrical library and can serve as the basis for acting and theater courses across a range of levels. I thank you for visiting and I welcome your feedback.       

Published by Smith & Kraus

2008, paperback, 208  pages

$19.95 ISBN 9781575255651

To order (888) 282-2881

Mark Rafael